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Friday, August 15, 2008

errata HRW

I made a few mistakes in my analyses of the past days, (at least 1) that i want to correct.
Firstly in my posting on zimbabwe, i confused arthur mutambaro(?), with the presidential candidate that represented the younger faction of ZANU. Or the press confused his political alliance at the time of the elections.(with the 2 both named arthur it is what i actually think.)

Heh, i am glad i settled that. It is also possible that western media outlets prefer renegade mdc over renegade zanu, and even that his agreeing to zanu was related with me confusing his allegiance. However tsvangirai again walked out..
And mugabe still limiting his moves. So its not a process with a great pace.

I must say i understand tsvangirai position is harder then mugabes. Mugabe has a win win situation on hand. Either a constructive agreement with mdc can be made, wich would bear great guarantee for zimbabwe military and political independence, or the result is negative for MDC and he will continue his own (power conservative) policys.
great win, or no change from the current situation then for him.
Tsvangirai otoh is confronted with consessions. He is not rili allowed to become president, sth that both personally (a bit weird that) as politically bothers him, he wants "the position of mugabe" esp. the power connected. We have to forgive him that because he does indeed have the political ambitions to make big changes, from his perspective he could only do so from the position mugabe is in.

A bit shortsighted perhaps but in the eye of compromise still understandable, he does want to make sure he is in a position to make changes politically.

From several sources it seems however tsvangirai will not be ready for concessions, his international backers have a wishlist, thats one, the concessions asked from him are (i pressume) partly political ones, (having to do with foreign influence/interests and investment)These may well contradict the foreign wishlist, and also he himself is in a mood "not to wait another 4 years". Wich you might call the domestic aspect.

Personally i support mugabes policy to find political guarantee for the former colony. In that sense i disagree with the western powers that practically want their hands free to cheat in an uncontrollable fashion. Administration and burocratic reports are uncontrollable to the public.

Wich brings me to the next subject.. Human rights watch....
Firstly i strongly support independend rights organisations, amnesty having failed the barr of independence, now human rights watch is the first to attack russia..

so far so good. human rights are the ebst thing we have and the attention is of great importance. BUT!
human rights watch did check georgian villages to find proof of destruction, (?) called attrocious by usa(..) did report on inhumane crimes perpetrated tehre (backed down to destruction now tho(?). However they didnt check anything the georgians did, or report on georgia n actions. That they did not.

so thats the next human rights organisation to disappear to the dustbin of history.

I dont want anyone to claim over human rigths and still be biased.
These organisations that do that are among the guilty ones behind the massmurder and massmurder through military means. Not georgia, no bosnia, irak, afghanistan vietnam, in each case they have been abusing human rights to apply more violence.

Done with human rights watch thus. Its just a replacement for amnesty with standard nato block desinformation and possibly lies. (the thought georgia or its partners murdered its own civilians to blame russia occured to me easily (..)

That besides there is no sign of objectivity, it is a gross shame the world is like this at this point in time.

Also perhaps i failed to clear up that the situation is not over, can't be over as long as western governments are spreading lies and desinforming their public.

The west and nato have encrouched on russia unabatedly ever since 1991, it makes no sense to wait for future agression, further encrouchment and more preparations for a war that would no doubt be attrocious and inhumane, teh one against russia.

Russia is not dealing with independent nations, it is dealing with an agressive imperialist pact. that has shown no mercy when killing millions. To just wait and wait untill you are the ideal target, is not an option.

Only a make over, and swipe, of international policys and its purposes will really bring an end to the situation, and perhaps by being annoyingly apparent in georgia russia is making that point.

A destabilised planet should be ready to watch its history, in that sense the kossovo case and the russian complaints about that should have been (and still be) headed more attention.

Its very hard to draw the line between humanitarian intervention and agression in georgia, however considering usia feat of kossovo eg. support should be with russia.
This is a clash of ideologys, the ideology of truth (russia) and the oen of lies and desinformation (western capitalist block). I dont think russia will let it be solved to no consequences.

Practically georgian guarantees could fill that need, after all a restabilised caucasus and a safe side in the south would be enough gains for russia to settle.

For this it appears imperative the government of georgia changes. Saaksavilli has been consistently lieing about what went of in georgia and trying to rally his people back to violence on nationalistic grounds. Nazis dont easily let go their grip on power. people that have their power base in populist nationalist sentiments will always be willing to apply violent and racist methods.
Plus he is bought, he is in a camp, the camp that wants human rights to be an excuse for violence, no matter that both sides do equally bad or they are worse themselves.

Sorry for him, sorry for georgia, sorry for all of us even more, but that is how things are, and what will decide our future.

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