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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

karzai's afghanistan

whats the highlights. not so much, today ali karzai was shot. i don't know if it is good or bad news, it depends things i don't know. keeping in mind they are. or so i assume, the first generation of the problem, the karzais, unlike assad, the khadaffi's or husseina, i figure he was trying to help his bro. now i dont actually admire karzai, i don't even think he is quite of the right mind, but he is an example of someone who can only loose with what afghanistan looses, and his campaign against civil deaths, what to say, lacks a lot of that, to put things into perspective.

so it was stupid of mine to support karzai's election. i guess, there would have been someone that dared to speak out, and would not all to obviously show a shimmery connection to several failed and succesfull 'terror attacks'.

where is your '360 degree life fire' of a limit so to say. for ali karzai, his limit wasnt his most famous asset.

that said the heroin trade was okish. in itself not an indication of his brutality.
99% of you will probably disagree, but that is just because you know sheet. i am not even supposed to be annoyed over that, it is why humanity features teachers and even prophets.

football, and monarchs, religion even, because people are told they know sheet and will never know a lot.

murdoch being on the same page , ali's sad and doomed face, did not so much venture into the question of his sudden death, (was it really that lethal spanish bankrobber, with the many connections? did he really use the same graphical programs as the corps of justice does?)

he wondered how much it mattered another but the cia tapped the monarchs and secretary's of state.

yeah just for security, you have to be sure they don't make the wrong acquaintances i suppose.

a good question, to my distress i must say, i dont think it is that bad, karzai got shot, was it over assad? money? dope? politics? who will tell.

what is sure is it leaves a tad more room for an alternative to develop, it is not that helpfull after a while when circles centre powers around them, and karzai was not only a brother but a very powerfull governor.

and so i am stuck, when i discuss syria with friends i try to point at the bigger picture, the geopolitical interesses in both khadaffi and assad, that turkey shouldnt involve for the sake of 100000s and for its ridiculous ottoman perspectives, do me ataturk any day. so i guess that would anyhow be okay, but make it unbloody, receive the refugees, instead of going to far..

assad has to go, i wont mind, all the monarchs do, they are the symbol for the collection of wealth in as few as possible hands, and when people accept a symbol like that their thinking obviously cannot yet reach further. should i applaud clinton?

perhaps it is nicer then i apreciate when she echoes my mind on the first possible opportunity.

i grew terribly suspicious over the years, to many interests and compromises make me think clinton, and by extension obama's kind of policy's will not reach far enough, and talking about their nukeR connection, cannot even be real.

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