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Monday, July 4, 2011

resistance worldwide

well today the paper tells the leader of columbia's farc escaped capture. in itself no news;)

had he not escaped just that attempt from the overpowerfull servants of the rich, the army of young loosers of a life..

we could almost have doubted farc still existed.

perhaps that is why they been so apt at hostage taking the last decade, to denounce the media campaign of their total demise.. sth i remember that started before the big hits against farc even took place.

so that was news, farc is very much more active and alive then has been openly admitted over a decade. i think farc is against the oil and mineral corporations that destroy south america and leave it polluted, killing terrifying and sickening the people. so eu, canada and usia, denounce farc.

bad news and has been so for some thirty years.. but thats what it allways looked like to me.

i start with this tale, perhaps to introduce how i don't feel secure about much that has been reported over libya or even syria.

still i want to write a couple of things about those two situations.

firstly there is also the mladic process going. he might be mystified, the complaint features that the nato campaign and the orchestrated tribality's of the time claimed 130k lives at least.

such a thorough underestimate on the most public of fora, we can say he witnesses the falsification of history inside out. i don't envy him, alltho for now unlike the usual lowly people, he is still alive.

he must feel his chances are dim in the context. reminds me of ocampo, not what he said even, but that he inferes anything about , was it libya, i think so, but perhaps it was an another enemy of the oil corps, beforehand and with supposed authority.. i found it weird. almost to the point i got curious about the guys assets and interests.

i think the free world is having an identity crisis that they grapple for any straw to see their opinions represented.

you know, kadaffi is " not that bad" he was part of the prisoner project eg. when usia shipped the arab suspects to egypt , libya and syria for torture, he was with "the good fellows".

also no matter how deadly he has been, a few months of strife, and perhaps not in the last the blind zeal wrapped upon the 'revolutionairy's, the few months have been deadier and bloodier then that.

i dont have an opinion, just want people to also notice that.
perhaps not for many but for some in libya it is easy to fear what is next, without kadaffi, some other ruler, family clan, system and interests, probably one related with , what is the word? imperialist? , in fact related with western security corporations, will bring to bear.

what exactly, noone knows, do we look at algeria, (what silence about this french ally??),
or say sudan? western africa? we see one despote more often replaced by a worse then anything else.

this will under any circumstance remain a worry for libya, and i would guess also for syria, for years to come. much like now in egypt we see plenty of the powers 'that be' in a reactionairy swing that may still waste it all.

in a few ways, such are the ways of the reaction, the purpose is to lay waste, the exact means are a second.

that sentence reminds me of the last line i wrote on robert gates just before he quit job. so it would be a nice last line for an article, but, and that is all only about libya, without any direct relation to bahrein, algeria or syria, or a king that rekindles his kingship in a more formal and akingly familiar way, by legitimising their own new claim through a referendum.

the referendum itself is the best proof the intents are not that democratical, a real development would not want such formal affirmation, and by speaking about it i keep it of the table in parts for decades still to come, it sticks to the mind like that.

that besides i think it is horrible, i dont know who i behind the tactical planning for the libyan rebels, and their territorial strategy's, but it is a warcriminal.

that is just an opinion, i am not even taking sides, the circumstances and methods in libya and all the other client states certainly warrant the predicate for the other sides.

but it is insane, a military insane situation and i wonder what sticks behind the predictable predictment (..) . remember how they first send a revolutionairy division (forgive the expression) over the coastal road through misurata and on?

completely miliary undoable, and with no effort to turn it far over the classical concept of Tobruk, in technical terms, one that obviously khadaffi 'd fondled.

weird. i dont accept such stuf as coincedence. the result is a horrible stalemately brotherly bloodbath, a war of attrition even. over.. over what?

people do not easily learn, they find it hard to change their ways.

rulers otoh usually pick the wrong sentiments to cling to power, these basics are beneath this civil war.

personally , speaking from the khadaffi side, i don't see how a status quo, or the fallible result of the change of it, should be so much of an excuse of dischord, and bloodshed,

no matter what, and what side wins, like bob marley said,

"to free the world they need to free their own minds."

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