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Friday, July 15, 2011

observation of Job's creation

maybe i turn to this blog when i find no relevance in the news. i thought of it just now.
probably i do that sometimes.

the murdoch thingy is still playing out, the public (murdochs daughter) and others have requested rebbeca b. to resign. and so she does, with a nice tale. i think i kind of like the lady, btw. smart, sense of humor, and quitte sweet. perhaps i am not a bystander, and actually this week is the first time i ever heard of her, its been also years since i spend a thought on murd. himself.

i associate him primarily with some incident on the english channel, perhaps wrongfully so.

after that he is just a name that passed the screen a few times.

that is to say i have no personal opinions or sympathy's for them or anything or anyone also involved.

yet i observed a few things.

like that besides the anti internet campaign, around the girl that once disappeared, (if that happened, but i think it did) the other storys are of a similarly doubtfull content.

so some queens visits could be lauded a day earlier? ooow that is bad innit? even more public?
press planning their stays accordingly etc.? oow they sure didnt want that?

and then there is todays hike on 9 11.

hardly anyone believes in the reality of that event, well perhaps a lot of blunt people do, people of the kind that only eat fats food and get their informations from only the soaps on tv.

those believe everything, and they might be a majority, but we will get to that.

mumbai disappeared of the pages more then quick, to many people must have been asking, do we now get london or madrid, for extra convictive power?

the legitimation of the event is incorporate to its featuring. heh would an english parliament talk about something that is a false flag operation? whine about phones miraculously tapped upon incineration..? thats what they say right, "victims phones tapped". to be a victim, you might first need to be hurt.

and with all the doubts abound, media certainly had no right to investigate what went on in such a plane? or who boarded them? i wonder.

simply put, it features 'the lie', or as this ancient scriptor of some of the bible's roots put it.
it tries to kil "the lie". the lie being anything true before his writing, meant to put his kids in charge of a solid dynasty. (it didnt work well, becus like usually the offspring lacked even the talent for being a despote so at some point people turned against them.

mystical knowledge of a longgone era. romantic.

how would that be with job's?

Job do i say, yeah i am into job creation here. i am not doing any good, underpayed, unsafe circumstance, robbing of savings, and again and again a huge unemployment.

nevertheless you may consider me divine. reward me with uncountable richess.

like the reps i am from good family, and i created so many Job's, i must be holy.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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