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Saturday, July 16, 2011

the coffee

there's a nice new show on aljazeera, the cafe. watching the first episode i dont get to understand every single line of the participants discourse, but that is mostly because i get distracted by my thoughts on the whole egyptian events, or the participants or what associates to either,

i would almost hope to see the same people again, in like a week , but i guess it is not the idea of the show.

close to how the overall performance of the egypt staterun media rate, the cafe may be bound to move to another capital.

it's not a matter of concept but of formula's. nevertheless this episode is accurate.

it is a at least to me very inspiring video in what a lot of young people express a valuable list of priority's. so i want to write about it.

I'll start with the most significant remark,

"but what is happening in libya now is ofcourse much worse."

an eyeopener, perhaps not for everyone but for me, the man to make the remark blogs,
he is expressed. his remark has a credible messenger.

ok. there is discussion about scaf , organisation, bill of rights, secular law and constitution, it is all very interesting, utterly lovely material for me to write,

there are problems with old cadre's, police, the current denial of the older that what brought the revolution was the inspiration hope and lucid apreciation of free values, values of freedom.

completely to the point. sometimes there are alarming sounds, about repression, once again (and the muslim bro's despite all intends do the old political complicity dance there), preexisting institutions and artefacts playing their trumps of "arrivedness".

a lot to say. but these things i wont forget;)

but... libya is much worse, so now libya.

tough. i published an idea on it, that is kind of original, revolutionairy, unconventional and even to me unexpected.

i am aware the man of the remark may well be aware of the proposal/concept so here comes.

what we see in africa is a long history of repression , occupation and divisions made by 'former' colonial authority's.

even what is perhaps a succesfull and usefull example of division, north and south sudan, you cannot say it was not the policy of the 'former' colonial powers with what they complied, nor that it was definitily not the oil behind it.

taken things into consideration i suppose bashir should find a new job, it would be helpfull, and lend his effort and political line the credibility it may still need to survive the aspect of oil.

the great question may be , is democracy a nice or an equally awfull aspect of oil?

now you may say what does this have to do with libya, there is no oil there, there are hardly any muslims, let alone you can divide them along the tenth paralel.

this is true, for reasons of recognition i propose we call eastern libya southern libya, tripoli we call eastern (for reasons of nostalgia), and let me take the map. gawt, tharaji, awbari and murzuq (except the trees on the square and the big mosque that will go to eastern libya, will be south libya.

just like berlin and brussels saabha may best be an enclave , this forces an unnatural alliance with north sudan.

everything south of ghadanis and over 111 miles to the east of Qaryat, and evrything over 439 mtr of altitude in the atlas we can call north libya (becus it can be so cold).

i dont know what to do with the area south east to al kufrah. equatorial egypt appears a proper name.

is that an idea?

or perhaps we should go for 'federation of libyan nations and souvereignity's that would be most except eastern libya and the zebra territory along the northern coasts, don't forget the federally allied zones and their specific standards.

that way there will be a lot of employment, and still not much control, cus that would render the road useless.

speaking about employment.. (trumpets, dummy shots in the air) the army needs real man.
we the unreal man at the sideline don't mind, its close to a never ending jobopportunity.

where's the reward?

ok thats just jokes, you know, i could want political stuffs, bill of rights or so, but i thought i'd take it on a lighter note and split up some territory's everywhere first, make a real mess.

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