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Sunday, July 24, 2011

killers and uniforms

hello, perhaps people expect the emotional kind of outrage and empathy, about oslo, but, in keeping with the facts, i don't allow myself those shows of emotions when i actuallly am not involved with the struck people.

how could i express more then my wish these incidents could not and were not allowed to happen.

as usually i spend some time on the evening it happened in looking through what the mainstream news brought. my experience is the first 48 hours not all the news got yet filtered or censored, not everyone that knows an extra thing yet bribed or approached by services to remain silent.

(and sometimes people got killed(or disappeared at least from view) in the follow up for expressing things unwanted to be in the eye of the public.)

however i couldn't feel so much more insecure then i do, so let me continue in the habit to light up the facts that are actually made to disappear.

sorry if i, or the manipulations to come, convince any of you i am cold, hard, or emotionless.
i am not, i feel sorry for norway, sorry for labour, sorry for socialists and even sorry for stoltenberg. sorry for europe in the first place.

let me first talk about what is perhaps my most severe suspicion, swat teams, killercops,

the first articles to appear suggested strongly that after the police approached the arms wielding uniformist he surrendered upon hearing his name called by the police,

'anders will you surrender to us' .. oh yes my friends ?

soo.. the police, the "swat" team, apparently knew him personally. suspect.

his identity has since been anounced 'known' a few days in a row, but was so to the media within hours.

he had an uniform available, bit weird, he 'got acces to the island' carrying a telescopic automatic weapon, apparently a boat was ready to set him over, about this boat, its availability and the ones to sail it, so far no mention (beside what i just told) has been made. suspect.

the Swat team , 'couldn't find a boat' , do i feel safer now? no. i hardly can believe even.

after arriving they took 15 (newer sources say 20 sometimes) minutes to 'talk to him', (newer sources don't mention 'call him by his name' anymore.)

that would mean he shot about 15-20 people with the swat watching.

the first night they had it 10 died on the island, it happened to turn out to be 100 the following day, or.. perhaps.. we shouldnt trust the police to play with numbers like that when all of ours safety is concerned?

some witnesses saw several (no conflicting reports there so..) uniformed shooters..

there has not been an interview to show light on the duration of the events from the pov of witnesses.

also the nr of hurt seems to be even bigger, todays news has it some 4 or 5 are still missing,
some and some body parts(..) (heh what difference would that make in body count so that is rubbish) are still in the ruins 'about to collapse' of the offices in oslo.

well from the pics they dont look that they might collapse any instant, and it would be most unusual for european events that they had not been searched and rescued, even under rather hard circumstances. so i don't understand that and find the logic suspect.

what horror of nr's sticks behind it?

i take it they are not only trying to fool the public, but also the victims and witnesses, whom btw. in some manner mostly have been convinced to leave oslo. that would leave less of fresh memory and less of a bulk of statements to be well explored.

unfortunately this is not all that smells , get's distorted or remains unexplained,

the media circus is quick in showing it's sympathy for rightwing murder, the usian media for example makes no notion that he admired the dutch hatemonger.

i can tell from experience unfortunately how the kill (in different manners) all
lefty's, socialists, ethnic this or that) line is a standard phrase in his admirers, tho i must admit they tend to either try and think more reasonable or at least make less of a sadist noise after we approach them to make clear we are not going to wait for nightly terror and violence passively.

actually i think my surroundings , statistically they are, are not the worst for a dutch. iow. that this kind of hate speech is even more common in most of the rest of netherlands. and to the best of my knowledge it is.

probably the guy has supporters who would not in a usual company say those kind of things, however such is not my experience on different city's and places in netherlands. albeit i never tried to investigate it more then just in what is flung at me or my closer surroundings.

so i didnt even look for it, it is just a random sample.

for completeness sake, i must add, people that admire the kind of xenophobiacs, tend to be frustrated and socially backward. politically very uneducated also. (they dont usually know more then hatespeech for supporting their points),

that besides they are quite apt at indoctrinating theirselves and others with the like hatespeech.
(first hand witness of that also) and clichees.

last to this topic, it is incomprehensible to me dutch politics would not be aware of those facts, and that riding on the waves of hate with them can only mean one thing.


it is time to note that i am initimitaly aware dutch elections are fraudulent and the hate guy is pushed up in the scores because the european policy of centralism requires a numbed and intimidated (and apparently murderous) populace.

in line with that

nyt makes no mention of his admiration for this geert wilders, i have some experience with media analyses, and in my opinion that means, people overthere are plotting to hand us over to the murderers and haters.

wich does unfortunately not come a a real surprise (compare the election results fraudes),

you may wonder what is behind, i think it is simply that he is an admirer of the israelian anti arab policy's, he repeatedly expresses his support for other populists and in this case netanyahu.

i wonder if the jews do want to be free from discrimination, you would think they would not want an alliance with people of the 'kill all etc.' type. but seems they do.

i assume they havent yet grasped what that means about their own values of respect for human life. i for one thing assume the usual israeli is not only indoctrinated but thoroughly in the claws of their own indoctrinations.

so thoroughly it either clouded their reasoning or farreachingly corrupted their minds.

it may look beside the point, but i think it is what makes that usia wants so obviously to make a deal for and with him.

i also lost my trust in obama, for now, this was a bit to much at the exact wrong time, to belief the connotations of cleansing and massacre are coincedence.

i notice how the guy drawing his inspiration from hatists like wilders goes unmentioned in plenty reports overhere, and that noone dares to make the association aloud.

ok there's more, but for now, read this and don't think it will be all over now.
i may make another post about that later, writing about this is, intense.

signals are pointing to red.

Gl all. hasta la revolution siempre.

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onix said...

example of what i could add. dutch sites redactions saying the subject allows no left right bickering. stuf they allow in excess from the right on a daily bases when nothing at all happened.
allthough in that case it remains baseless hate certainly gets a voice.

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