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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

murdoch vs. murdoch, debilitating debt tales, republican vampire

the vampire thing is just a literary clue, don't expect much but pretence..;)

karzai was burried, relatively calmly, i am not sure, some blasts hit the city, not so much clear who blasted whom or what.

with no reports of further incident those are fireworks in prolongation merely. no, we will indeed watch curiously if indeed this 'powerbroker's absence changes a few. typically that no matter it is not obvious to me what shows the exact other dead man (even a friend and longstanding associate) is indeed the perp., as opposed to eg. the ones that shot .. ,perhaps everyone that got killed?

the official sources are not quite sure wether to shove this succes on the taliban.

and with official sources, lets give in to camerons wishes of PR policy, and admit his political fan and servant, (be it murdoch or notw) is no saviourable dish with no healthy appetite.

there is a 'this is not quite possible' side to the whole story.

closer followers of news and incidents will probably agree with me that set aside how much to contribute to the devious and more carefull aspects of major media syndication, a mainstream story is usually a story given a certain swing.

you might find (with some experience?)an item that is blatantly untrue in all cases of mainstream media produce, but that is not even easy. more often some local, or influential publication features a slightly (and not allways necc. correctly) more elaborate version.

what i want to say with that: murdoch allways publishes what the /conservatives/neocons you name it, sortta likes, the notw specialised in sex scandals (i fear i have to get back on that), and superficial celebrity stuff like football. nevertheless in between all those (quite not readworthy) lines they managed to be known as cameron's staunchest promoter.

(you would say solid conservative politics don' fit in so well with sexscandals and have more of an intellectual bearing then football, but that is obviously not the case)

now there is a system called 'pressbriefing' , it is secret. not so secret, because inside circles of media and journalists, and by extension critical research into plenty topics, now and than the subject comes into a more public view.

but it is indeed rather secret. except in a few cases, the exact services, and mechanisms are not known to me, allthough they naturally incorporate the whole spectra.

(journalists phones might be tapped, but phones, telex, oral briefings , and all kind of intimidations are known methods in the spectre, in the area.)

murdoch being a "well respected" (by the 'money' that is) magnate of mondially important news outlets, is than, a well briefed person, that has allways been rather willing to stick to official storylines.

the specifically conservatively aimed News of the World (notw) that got closed can hardly be an exception.

to take it a bit further, it is absolutely plausible to me media like that and services would research and share informations in concert. that appears more probable than not.

i would imagine those are the sources for the endless number of rather irrelevant and few more telling hacked phones, at least in part. it is also known that in the kind of sensationalist journalism security personal, and in fact everyone in the service of any such celebriness (it might be a company, or say footballclub) is a known and natural target of 'pressmosquito's'.

actually in most positions of some relevance (say liftboy) people usually get briefed, to take specific care against journalists.

that shows ofcourse most celibrities have plenty to hide, and more so the official persons..

it is indeed so that due it's intrusive character, sensationalist media are a decent source, as often by accident, in some cases you might want researched. this being a dull and humiliating job, to wrestle through such nonsense, for the possible detail to shed some different light on sth. they are not very commonly used. but i remember a few times it was the case relatively vital detail had been found in the realm.

knowing all that it struck me as special the 'kidnapped girl' story was raised and NotW apparently disappeared from the stage, before reacting explicitly to that.

Murdoch himself stated 'we have allways been in full cooperation with the police" or some such.

that was the closest i got to anything said about it from that side, and i would acces it thus: a media outlet like that is in full, and probably more farrreaching, cooperation with police and secret services.

so basically i think all that got available to them went to the departments in the first place? mh yes, and that if a journalist deleted her messages it is only harmfull because the police once more didnt preserve their own record correctly? yes, and that for some reason now it suits utterly well to blame that on , at least in aspect, "intrusive " journalism? mh yes.

i even contemplate the whole girl is just an invention, a dramatical element of the daily news skillfully played. (apparently there is a hoard of charming films of the little beauty to roll over the international screens, and let me hold my tongue to see what the next intrigue will bring..)

like i said, i will have to get back on tasteless sexjournalism of the kind that brought cameron to power. don't blame me only.

more worried am i about the possibillity the girl is both a reality and an invention. yet, that some celeb or person with a police connection (the first and most certain to acces phone dbases) and on the level that briefs a magnate like murdoch possibly in england proper a whole different detail plays, something smaller but outstanding, sth. political they accidently know for sure.

i dont know if i will research that, i wud guess services are well aware of my distaste for the sort of media. i would have to find that one scandal that goes farther and hit the public opinion, made some impression that could not anymore be erased without discrediting the whole and all of the concept of the source.

and than? i will run into another smelly story that i doubt the integrity of in every direction..

so, hopefully i find a better thing to do.

that said i dont believe a conservative 'actively politically right wing' magnate would be that through operating far from the reach of said briefings and service departments.

it may well be planned. it may also be cameron is not behaving, he'll loose the next election over it quite possibly, at least in me the association and homecoming tale would stick.

it could also be murdoch, and he has done so explicitly, makes the point of a free and investigative press, together with the 'full cooperation with the police' , that might mean, do their own with the same sources. and honestly that is where the young girl story sticks.

sorry, boring long and tasteless topic, but i cant let go of a major incident in the mainstream media if i have not to.

my idea is it is an element, and willingly so, considering the backgrounds of the exact opposite murdoch said, a censoring campaign, over awkward and distastefull example set up to destroy more of the opportunity of investigative journalism. getting the crowd to raise scandal in chorus usually serves to have their repression made felt as their way.

so thats not only a boring story but also a heap more of the usual destruction of basic rights, and people should be more critical about the aspect.

last topic.

debilitating debts and the kind of vampires that thrive on them.

the sorry excuse of a proposition (yes we scrap the navy k?) of the tea driven republicans is to raise the debt, now i see that as 'plays on reality' finance is just there or it ain't, in my opinion it does not 'belong'. the superest spender and power (usia) borrowing from,, what exactly? what is so big it could force longstanding superpowers to be in eternal and debilitating debts?

really it is only harry, a fairy tale, we . the world, dont belong to anyone, not even usians do.
believing the story, continuing the tale of eternal riches deservedly repressing the vastests of economy's into a pyramid scheme of eternal pay offs of unseen services, long as you belief it, every crisis, every austerity, and every debt raising proposal will serve to tell you you have to pay still more next. and if you pay that to sth outside that economy, it could only be, well, crime?

nevertheless i assume obama will find it hard to resist "the quick buck" he in turn might reason
"it is up to them to find out", and for simplicity's sake leave it to the future to decide for the ridiculous.

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