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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

necronomy and a lively future

usia is suffering from it's skyrocketing debts, so they must raise the treshold, it is great news, a struggle between obama , who wants to pay, and republicans that want to earn.

the real problem is thus out of sight, becus it is in fact the republicans that would be the ones to get payed, and the future that would be expected to again pay the republicans for paying theirselves now. a construct of balances regarded a balance of constructs.


the official word for it is 'economy'. a construct of fairytales based on the power of money to make every tale come true, and every truth become a tale.

there are and allways have been plenty reasons (why show my tongue's end?) to dismiss the tale of necronomy.

for one thing i cannot even remember when i got aware of ecological costs.

(ofcourse for ecology you'd get necrology.;)

i think it must have been in a past life.

that is btw an interesting aspect.
for example as the first trains (but it went with plenty mechanisations) came online, ppl complained about their effects,

the sky would darken, clouds become black, milk would become bad, and more.

ofcourse in my youth that was thought excellent for a laugh, great for necronomy to tell the kids that story. ('technological progress is only limited through bigotry')

however, in the end, nowadays the story would need to be told different to fool the kids into the necronomic state of mind.

even funnier is that implications of myths and oral history's (the spoken historys of ppl that could not write when they met us) are, people allways associated similar phenomena with the wrong kinds of exploitation of the earth.

it all boils down to: to what do you fool your children?

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