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Sunday, July 17, 2011

sorry excuses

starting with libya, i feel sorry i forgot to name el barda , misurata we can call libya antique.
the real reason to name north libya north libya is obviously because it is in the south, upper nubia and the border corridor. we can name egypt de nord de libe (how do you spell that).
the western border, so the northern neighbours of tripoli, we could call brega.

becus of todays offensive.

that way i count 6 nationalities in libya only.

we still need more enclaves to ensure everyone has a usefull share of the oilprofits. oil is ofcourse distributed underground, noone to know exactly where it really sticks, and who have we to tell.

murdoch and i,
no. wrong start,
the guardian and i, uhm..
i and the observer, (joke) the listening post(alJ), sorry,

some people, uhm
.. those past politics.

let me get this clear, cameron and i, uhm, no not cameron, gordon brown, uhm.
that would be more of the same.

okay ill make another post about it.

another post about sorry excuses (poor murdoch, wouldn't this unusual public also mistake him for the most prominent of these examples).

the only ones in this story not to deserve a sorry excuse, are the guardian, and perhaps gizberg.
so much got clear,

well perhaps the guardian gives a pitty excuse of a showing concerning the freedom of investigation.

it is about a newspaper, indeed a completely terminal market, and that the tabloid formula remained on top with that was obvious early on. rupert hates internet, no not rupert,
well maybe.

some of these journalists don't really like internet, the paperworld is collapsing, has been collapsing for twenty years, the observer has a 5 person staff.

they reason, if we are the (commercial) victim of censoring now , the internet must be regulated stronger, for our deathstruggle to last better.

that is a wrong (s.e.o.a) reasoning, but it exists, and in the mind of the financial may be all-prevailing.

at least it appears to have convinced some,

now internet regulation, but actually the more so the regulation of the networked virtual dbases and their applications is damnedly badly regulated, likewise are financial and adminastrative services. that is related, and unseparable.

yet it is completely besides the point to regulate it in other terms then freedom of investigation , freedom of expression , and , why not, the advantage of criminal liability.

my guess is that principle has not been applied to the internet in a meaningfull manner at all yet because the whole financial sector is moving in the direction of cheating and intimidating the customer under an umbrella of very fraudulent prepositions of opiniation.

(s.e.o. clear reasoning)

perhaps i dont want to be clear.
it is all about examples, 1000s of phones hacked? pitty it is about b.s., (you can't sing bullshit on listening post:D) sorry excuse of a coincedence.

it's not many, there are billions.

the listening post, and whomever happens to be in the journalist field, for one thing is most sure about that politicians and police play an unfavourable role.

at this point i don't envy rebecca brooks that has been arrested. o.t.o.h. why..
she is probably in a luxury jale, one usual people don't even are allowed to know they exist.

better then assanges mansion/palace that took him 500k to rent. or so i understand.

it should be. after all there is equality before the law and she is in a smaller place.

bbc is boasting: "intriguing" everyone is intrigued.. it almost feels like a sexscandal, rebekka brooks has been called sweet, next day she is arrested, the cops are in with the deal..

well the cops take it or leave it, they sortta promoted pressfreedom in allowing uses of their material, sortta supported the newspaperculture to stay existant,

and in all that they could not even be allowed to do that legally so, no matter the papers have apparently long been their only source for relevant phonecalls etc.

after i wondered if these parents existed they featured again in a 5th murdoch excuse,
the pittiest of excuses is 20m of compensations allready payed to a few rich guys.
(i guess for knowing the color of their toiletpaper or so)

so they are not real?

or perhaps murdoch allows himself a generous compassion in absence of the need to pay claims.
politicians and their ilk do that.

every human has emotions, not all know them.

well this was a s.e.o.a. article. i look forward to writing about basic rights, shortly.

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