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Monday, July 25, 2011

fascists uses of internet.

still my personal feelings are greatly affected by the events in oslo.

why did initial articles say the premier was 'in a safe place' when it happened, to change the story into wounded? (btw after i said i was sorry for him).

i am not and will never be a willfull tool to create or confirm lies.

did they really think i would be mislead by the 'freemason' stamp? dont they know it is in front of police offices? or did they just want a laugh after the succesfull censoring on youtube of a 48 part documentary on freemasons and 'illuminati' , that does not turn up in related items even after plenty pages? (and with heaps of rubbish and even straightforward domestic violence (or so, didnt check) videos getting preference.)

like removing assange or fukushima from the most tweeted lists.

anyway here is a post al jazeera instantly refused to publish, whilst meanwhile weird manipulations with 'liked' comments, edits and my copy paste function went off.

here is that forbidden post: (i started copying them all again alltho i still forget it lots of times)

i will give another example how mainstream dutch outlets promote hate. there is a dutch site that pretends to be a newssite, (it directly fed from reuters in the past and was therefore sometimes usefull). it has a seperate site where readers "can" react. my first few reactions did not appear or got immediatly deleted thereupon. i complained high and low, it changed, recently i tried to 'vote' (it is like 'liking'). not for the first time my ip gave no response with that. so that explains why hateposts often end up with a popular status there. ( and reactions at is made mainstream. hacking around with likes etc.obviously a system not unique to international or dutch media.

end quote.

read it think, and realise it is the liars that cheat us into war and "economy" and crisis, into poverty, destitution and illness, into debt and chanceless unfair, lawless juristical proceedings , that also promote fascism.
and hate.

since my posts, my clipboard and my files are and been habitually changed and compromised i include the warning that they will surely still try to destroy the meanings of this and my other posts, now and in the future, if such people stay in power, forever.

likewise the oslo story will be changed untill the vast majority believes a rubbish story, that is pro israel, anti muslim and xenophobiac and not at all related to what really stuck behind. its changing daily, and not for no reason, not only because of the cover up of the norwegian police and services even. its for usia, multinationals, fascism and the loyal establishment as a whole.

corrected about 10 sp. 'errors' i did not make, usually after the first couple a few new get introduced, i would so like to be just as productive as i can.

israelians call the left party an antisemite israel hating party, cus they support palestinians,
not cus they actually hate israel or started from that, they sure have reason now it seems.

guess what will show about the victims on the island, and the people that did not go, and the people now probably the ones to lead that party in the future?

'better' "christians" i figure.


onix said...

oh yes i dont regularly visit that site, and vote on things only incidently. (sure you would been made to wonder)

onix said...

the murderers great admiration for greet wilders is currently removed
/ evaded / unmentioned from international news sites,
in his profile. he stated 'it is the man i admire the most.
so it woudl definitily fit his profile, i must assume they are in the process of also removing that evidence.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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