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Thursday, January 22, 2009

3dom of speech

so far i have seen barack obamas speech once 'live' (it wasnt really but with 30 sec delay , they said..), next i heard rather some of it on a radio, that was within 2 hours, some aspects, sounds , timbres , at least were different.

Now i looked at one on alJazeeras youtube channel, and it appears to omit words, and be otwherways slightly different.

The alJ one could be the one "for the arab public" or the one "cut for the arab public" i think the last, that is a pretty excuse, nevertheless i will never watch a speech again, i had it with historical speeches, ('t was my first i watched anyhow)
they aren't historical anymore and i will deal with the texts from now on.

Thanks anyway.

The version on alJ is compellingly suggestive of they could have been working with my material they censored (on or pre alJazeera) as well, things can be obstruse.

I am a bit curious as to how the final versiosn will word stuff, but it's to mized up for me to still enjoy.

When is see the text (s...?) (i think there should be two offcial ones although one must be the confidentialised kind) and the reference to commies is also out,
I hope it will be the last i think of this speech, and possibly report some on the apparently finalised version.(I am in no hurry to find it).

So the speech, well i hope it is the gladder luckier version, altho actually a president shouldnt be speaking about all kinds of networks if further postings on the subject end censored.

oh yeah i was censored a lot.. ok alJ published some..a little, i didn't check all,
but a lot was censored. pitty, they were funny posts, i have plenty posts in archives , many of wich got censored, if someone is really interested. they can let me know. otoh i lack a lot of posts, since i am way to honest to remind the deletion of my texts straight from the screen so often. plus the bunch of other creepy ways to disappear or change my texts. when i get consequential in keeping copy's the actual result is i get moderated more.

Ok one last thing, i know i am a racist, allthough i allways try not to, but please don't think i would let my thought be marginalised even so much as through being antizionist, There is not that experience, and i would argue as stubbornly to remain reason seen.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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