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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Actually i think this attack on gaza is the israelian way to make sure obama's presidency will not bring world peace, because naturally they have little more to gain from justice. I don't so much belief outside the nationalist propaganda israeli's don't realise the palestinean rockets are a reaction on their actions, no matter how much they will deny that.

Yet it's all they know to talk about, calling it terrorism because that worked before.

Obama for his part has remained silent, i think he hadn't expected this escalation,
because now already rahm turned into a possible liability. otoh we should not forget obama might be in religious odds himself, i dont blame him over churchgoing, but usian churches are amongst the more fundamentalist, so his real thoughts in religious matters may very well be bigotted.

Israeli dogmatics, aka zionism, are anti negroe, so they might want to upset any afroamerican successes beforehand.

That besides the world that voted in obama, or so you want voiced in obama, obviously doesn't sympathise with the israelian method of terrorising the palestineans. They may have thought it was safer to attack now under bush.

An israeli feature of the day is typo lviv, the offspring of violent and rabiate anti arab zionists, raised comfortably in the mansions of the generals.
Well ty[o is a different person from many other israelis, yet her behaviour so far lies completely predictable within the standard israelian politics. Onesided, even deceitfull she says: there is no humanitarian crisis in gaza, just to announce one the next day tho.

Really we should train our memorys to change this worlds vices, so many people have completely forgotten the targetted assasinations, the endless incursions, the artillery bombardments, the ongoing terror of the drones and missiles, etc..
Israelis gladly recognise this fact and hammer on the propagandic statements they by now pressed into most of the worlds duller brains.

Arabs kill another.. they say, or hamas has no right to send rockets, keeping the right to do exactly that as some typical monopolist patent for theirselves.

Endlessly they voice their hatred towards iran, why in fact, it has become so much better and more modern since khomeini passed away and the revolution took root.

I think the reason israel creates all this animosity towards the arab world is fear, they fear an arab world that would be honestly regarded. They need conflicts in arab nations to survive, so they single out arab nation after arab nation for agressive action, they all get their turns, lebanon, syria, iran, and who remembers their polemics and actions against irak? I do..

They founded hamas, subsidised it for being bygotted and religious, now they pretend surprise it turned against them, i bet it was actually conceived the very way.

Divide at impera, so much is obvious for the funding of hamas, and so much is obvious about the entire israelian international politics, that israel creates division when it can.

There is allways a major arab target for israelian prop, sometimes its been syria "syria terrorises lebanon" (who else you might wonder).
Saddam hussein has wmd!
syria has wmd!
Iran has wmd!

we proved it! we bombed them!....(they bombed all 3)

Similarly the palestinean resistance is used to make the point islam is aggressive..
israel assasinated palestineans, so they must be violent... isn't that true?

no, but, who cares, who is paying attention?

Now they have decided to go for the impossible, stop the hamas rocket reaction, oh surely they will eliminate some rockets for some time to come, or even allways,
but they will not break the palestinean spirit anymore, what they have been trying for so long.

I think these 19th century practices against a small overcrowded territory will finally fail to break the palestinean resolve, that has very often been affected by the strategys of division and intimidation.

Israelis think humans are a predictable herd of nay sayers, and by killing enough palestineans there will only remain those with no voiced opinion, with no real ideas, or identity.

They say " we want to change the situation on the ground" (means kill palestinean cadre).

we want a final solution they even said.
eliminate hamas once and for all they started out this adventure, but that i think has already been given up as utterly undoable.

the symptomatic suppression of the mostly symbolic rockets reaction, is what is now the standard claim, it makes me wonder what will come in it's place.

I have the faint hope palestines prepared for this agression and set up many remotely controlled roadside bombs to eliminate the israelian tanks, it woudl force israel to also sacrifice life, lives, and it would hurt them dearly to see some of their sophisticated tools of carnage desinvested.

who knows, israel seems to have lost grip with reality, in recent years, the attack on lebanon, bloody carnage and pollution it may have been, has not led to military succes much, alltho it stopped some rockets coming from lebanon,

the usual downfall of a militairy oppressor goes in small significances, they loose a bit of the war here or there first, and after that a loosing streak will finalise the doom of the agressor, and perhaps israels time has come.

I am glad not to be a palestinean, not to have to encounter the anonymous instruments of terror personally, and i fear for their happiness, their lives, their options, i wouldn't know how to even stand up against drones and missiles, but if they can? However horrible all these events, if they lead to the downgrading of a militairy rule, a militarist policy's, i wouldn't be only sad.

yet i don't like many of the arab governments, many that i do like i have my sidenotes, my remarks ,(i like khadaffi but i hate his grip on power and typical trend to institute a family dynasty.(well so goes for typo, for the bhuttos, for mubarak)

the point there is, two wrongs don't make a right, israel.

good luck all, may this attack on a future of peace and coexistence be defeated in its intends. Let's hope obama won't loose his wits through these escalations, provocations.

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