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Monday, January 26, 2009

what's behind neocon cannabis paranoia.

It may be quite obvious from previous posts i am a fan of cannabis.
Recently there is a discussion to maximise the nr of prisoners and criminals by "reclassifying" cannabis.

The argument (it stays a bit vague, yet i think it is supposed to be the ratio),
would be that some people risk mental problems if they use it (as if they didn't risk mental problems if they don't).

That besides a few crimes have been perpetrated under influence of cannabis (and alcohol usually), i remind you, most crimes are done by sober people, does it mean
sober people should be locked up..? There has never been research to that. the incidents where someone still commits a crime under influence by cannabis are underlined in the media, but they don't have the guts to compare it with crime commited sober......

For me it is completely natural that when people anyhow statistically commit crime, they will commit some when using grass or hash.

Not so for the pharmaceutical industry and represion industry (prisons , "security" etc.), not so for right wing nutters, that like to see enemy's and relish in the power to lock others up.

So i think that is what it is about, impress more fascism on people.

Concerning the mental effects? The very few people that tend to have negative effects are people anyhow depressed. Not uncommonly suicidal, ofcourse it doesnt always help, yet i know of no case of suicide stoned, and i know of plenty sober.

However cannabis helps with one thing. If you think this world is rotten, that the innocents get locked up a lot, and that the weaponindustry's likes are more respected then human rights......

(all quite true,) Then indeed cannabis helps to relax and maintain your distance.

I think that is really what they have against cannabis, that users tend to take time to think and be critical.
It's a lifesaver, cannabis, unlike the military industry, unlike the psychofarmica,
unlike the prison industry , the policestate...

It's a lifesaver, and the truth should be known.

The arguments against it are to ridiculous, 99% of the few cases i know that people react badly on it, it's only the first couple of times. It's by far not 10 or 20% that has negative effects.

Even people with a very negative background often like it, and despite their fears (that they also feel sober, but less overwhelmingly) the terapeutic effect often makes them still use it years later. The real world becomes less threatening when the fear is like a dream.

Personally it made me sane. Before i used it i used to think perhaps i was crap, because i could make naught of what the rest was doing, thinking.
After using it i was relaxed, my nervosity went, in slowing down my thinking?, it gave me time to contemplate the others positions and my own more calmly..? whatever,

i realised that me being different from a lot of people, didn't mean i had to be 'wrong'. It also helped against the nightmares i knew child off.

Why is nobody talking about the beneficial effects?

pharmaceutical industry.

Why is nobody talking about how it makes you settle with a reality more bitter then you'd want it?

Because they want people that want a better reality in prison.

And why don't they allow you the fun and relaxation?(especvially when ur some kind of nervous)

Because they don't want usual cheap people to be more happy then them.

Lastly why do they promote the hard drugs?? (because they get always easier to get when cannabis gets harder), why do they promote alcohol?

because they are capitalists, and there is money to be made.

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