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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Targetted assasinations in israel

I have plenty left to rant about this discriminationstate. but fortunately for me, to me thoughts often come funny, so listen i consider this funny....

but when is someone going to assasinate targetedly some of the enemys of the palestines? The headfigures of the political party's that damn them?

good joke?

i dunno, made me laugh.
I think its about time tho, why suicide attack when you can legally assasinate?

well put!
funny to see that. (yeah i know ok cool).
thx for the feedback anyway evryone.. i'll start paying even more attention to my blogs http then:/

(doesnt feel like it)

perhaps its blocked for major parts in the world, altho sometimes it sure seems just about any security service reads it,
well it would be a good reason, but a bit sad publicising,
anyway, more secrets about this reality...

oh yeah and why is it about time someone starts targetedly assasinating some israeli's? Because....

there is equally many bad people in every nation,
so if they shoot the head 400 palestineans of the day, (with some regularity btw. for the innocent reader) logically heh?

resolve of the conflict would be equally served by shooting israelis.
just make sure to target the right(wing) ones.
much more then killing uhm it's about 3000 would be a proportional crime tho.
fortunately this two weeks, 15000 wounded israelis would be humane.

gl israel..
happy clubbing.

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