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Saturday, January 17, 2009

in betweens

Perhaps i should not write, i know zionism will boast about everything, including me writing, it is her great accomplishment. I also know as soon as they perpetrate a new crime, they will accuse their victim of the same.

Thats just how religious fundamentalist racism works best, there is nothing exceptionally smart in it, collecting knowledge how best to cheat the rest during century's is admirably realist, but that is really the only thing that is admirable at it.

Ja , one can cheat people and record the methods, it's smart to realise it will have an effect, a small advantage over the naive people that record things about helping others and stuff.

So i desadmire that.

I think zionism is not a feat, only a fundamentalist racist fascistoid system called a religion.

It's also nauseating for what it does to the inhabitants of israel.

Take tipo livni for example, i had a bad forefeeling with her. her antecedents seemed to promise arrogance. Well i was right, she is as deceitfull as zionism can be.

Okay? to me she has shown her real face, i won't trust this person, (perhaps relevant i don't trust the european commission atm. when i note it i will get to it)

she gets both, i don't trust her over her person and words. And i will not trust her for what she historically represents. In that sense. like sri lanka, i know she will persecute her greediest intentions by violent means and lies.

The eu so far i only suspect of childishness, stupidity and greed not yet so much violence. but the machinations of worse intent show through.

So since i don't think i have to get into details about the newest israeli diplomatic perversity's (she looks like a female clone of ohlmert making you really wonder how jews' would not be a patriarchal society)

let me continue some about their old ones.

i advise all of you to have a look at what lebanon and palestine looked like , how the people looked like. before these black clad nutheads arrived. It's amazing, roaring twenty's and all. perfectly modern people, in modern dress, no halabja's kefir's or balabaja's anywhere to be seen.

so israel must have promoted the exterior looks of desertification now featured on neighbouring arabs, how will their argument they are the extrophests hold?

It's an old complaint they have been stealing water.

enuf old stuff.

talk some about gaz

isn't it weird? the commies and the gaza gaz?

positively regarding russia, this is the case:

Russia delivered all of eastern europe gaz for free (basically) for a long time.
Then capitalism arrived so russia needed to ask money.

Well they kept supplying the old network, and with many nations joining EU, got a pay. However Ukraine was not accepted in the EU. So there was no way to supply it with gaz but for (almost) free.

The EU put strong pressure on russia to deliver as much as gaz as possible for free,
ofcourse, but impolitely. Because they are capitalists and smell money they behave like that.

Anyway, Ukraine proved to be in dire needs, so Russia stuck to the old system more then could be reasonably expected, however it tried to negotiate a better price.

Somehow, gaz started disappearing in the ukraine, long ago, (one reason the eu dont want ukraine is they are to good thieves even for capitalists)and with ukraine seeking nato alliance and apparently allying nationalist politicians, more and more gaz disappeared untill gazA happened.

So, when russia had been supporting the european economy(ukraine amongst..) for many years now, dragging them through the cold winters with so much more ease, they decided ukraine and the eu should pay for it again. or at least stop stealing or killing palestineans.

The only question remains, how are the ukrainians not good enough thieves to join the EU? Seems to me they have been most helpfull and have shown they are willing to steal gaz for europe.

Sometimes i like to put russia in a positive light.

In fact russia is in a diplomatic offensive, the obvious counterside of the medals of europe becoming more complete is that the rest of europe will also have to live with it. It is rather obvious that a state that could stand out all on her own for many decades, seeks integrity towards a system that is conspirative on the highest levels.

The summit in moscow for example, could be seen in such light. Ofcourse the eu will send some representatives , yet the eu nations won't.

Okay from the european pov. indeed, there is no need for bilateral arangements, between partners and russia. yet, there is a better reason to go:
to check the eu.
because the eu top can persecute private targets unchecked the situation is very challenging for democracy and peace.

See?? now Blair comes in handy, middle east envoy, poor guy.
well i guess Blair doesnt make the mark, his alliance with bush has also proven you could not trust him in a top EU position.

Not for everyone there to see perhaps, but i judge it from his propaganda related statements. (he is willing to propagate a lie to facilitate violence)

Not blair then, there are other options, Merkel and the belgium prime minister? nice test for him. send a spaniard and at least one more european nation, as well, and have ur "high level eu talks" in the open. video conferenced for all the europeans to see.

don't forget ur new iraqi shoes!

enjoy the eu would set up anything, involving prime-ministers e.a., after all it's about what these guys consider career, not human lives.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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