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Sunday, January 11, 2009



one day someone came and shot a palestinean, peng, like that.
noone liked it, and someone spit in the killer face.
This family was shot to and the next, and their village burned.

then a palestinean threatened someone from the strange army, but it didn't matter, they shot the person that threatened them and countless others.

At first the people resisted or tried to talk, but they were killed in cold blood and their houses burned.

then most of them had to run away to live, but some waited to see if they would all get shot. Their land was taken, but not all were shot, they had to clean the streets and other lousy jobs for the newcomers. Laws were made to achieve that.

Very often the newcomers that named themselves "israelis" shot some people, or bulldozered their houses. Lots of people, and lots of houses saw their untimely end this way, very often they would also destroy the olive trees because the palestineans had cared for them for 100s of years, and they thought: "this must be the best way to hurt these people that don't give us their land voluntarily".

They made a state where they could get evrything, but the palestineans nearly none.
They imprisoned 10000s of palestineans, we have never again heard of, my most accurate guess would be they are aproaching 100000 now.

of these according to he latest accounts 15000 still live, but recently another 15000are taken. I don't know how long they will take to once again disappear, from the records, and from my fellow citizens of planet earths memory's.

However i remember them, so i have to tell, it's my most sad yet noble duty to tell you, to see some of you yellow of jealousy over what in fact?

mad at me for being against israel.


last year or so some 2000 palestineans died , yet this war would be over a bunch of rockets that missed mostly.

Do you think so?

i don't, i think this war is about long years of abuse and deprivation, the world should enjoy this murderous show no longer.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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