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Friday, January 9, 2009

human shield

If one had teh time or incentive to read all i wrote in this carefully you would know i plan to write about the human shield for a long time.

It is an argument hard to counter, because actually in my own concepts i do indeed stay away from collateral damages. And the ideal situation for anyone applying them is even still to stay away from them.

I don't want to waste the impact. i think i will use the dadaist feature of typecase.
don't be upset, i will put this in teh form of an example, it's israels big christmas tree of not ever a present that breaks the day at the moment.

Israel has a much bigger human shield then hamas,
they even attack hamas over the collateral damage.

at the very moment.

rounding off this thought, everyone is behind the human shield, look at the usians, they cry out loudest, because their human shield they leave at home, but when it gets a single scratch, (wtc) they start a worldwar/crusade.

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onix said...

it was an usian guy that got me really mad by blabbering about human shields that gave me this thought, on alJ youtube, i am wondering if he himself hadn't the final piece of the puzzle, why usia shouts the loudest over human shields, he lives in NY i think.

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