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Friday, January 23, 2009

peace for gaza

It seems people don't have a comprehensive picture of how Hamas could survive israel, meanwhile respecting the israelians rights like any others.

I don't feel like summing up the whole history again, but i point out inside israel palestines have no rights. Not even the right to vote. How could a democrat defend such a nation? Do the elites of the world intend to take away other minority's and majority's their right to vote?

why is this argument not weighted in assesing who is actually contrary to human rights?

The phenomenon mentioned above can be apreciated in israeli politics in many shapes,
limitations to work, housing, schooling, acces to jobs, etc.
israel is an apartheid state.

From this it must be obvious i support the palestines over israel as the situation is now and has been over many years. I can't help that i stick to the integrity of principles.

in fact i think the palestineans have a couple of rights that will not be solved by any peace proces. The right of return, the right on their ancestral lands, the right to be equal to israelians in israel(..), are hardly in the picture.

Israel is always trying to legitimise it's claim by having individual palestineans sign documents they afterwards pose as 'arrangements'. However israel itself has not followed up to UN resolutions , so it really has not all right to speak.
(hamas is the only chosen representation of palestines so far and thus the only one that could be held accountable for what it signs so far)

here is where the westbank/east jerusalem landgrabs come in, and remain a point to solve.
so point one that needs a solution is israeli landgrab.

Hamas or the palestines will not settle with israel denying un resolutions, and pressing palestines to stick to their parts of such 'agreements, and resolutions'.

Then there is the feature of asymetrical warfare. Israel has been fighting the palestines with one of the most imposing arsenals of the world, being countered by stuff such as stones and handweapons.

Any solution that could be taken serious, should disallow israel to perpetrate further violence, attacks , bulldozering and eliminations.

As of yet not one stage of the struggle has resulted in israel restraining it's agressions. That is point two,

all israeli agression against palestines in gaza and westbank needs to disappear.
As it is now people watch gaza, but even bush remarked the westbank situation with roadbloacks etc. is contrary to human rights.

Even considering only the above 2 points israel has never tried to respect them. For me it means there is no real chance on peace,(israel will take care it wont happen), yet, being the antimilitarist i am i will explore the negotiations-concept further.

So when gaza international borders are opened, actually we can improve on gaza, but as the situation inside israel and westbank remains unsolved, we can also be sure resistance boils up time and again.

That's just human, any people would protest their ongoing humiliation.
When violence is the method of the other, spats of violence and spates of armed resistance can only be expected.

It's the turning side of the israeli agression, and it is the long history of violent repression, that facilitate these emotions.

Anyone making a real start with a peace proces should not deny such reality's.
Firstly because they weill end up a henchman of childmurderers, secondly because
it shows you want to solve the situation only for the zionists.

I think a real solution should account for that, the long, long rants and lies emanating from the zionist clique that is actually 80% of israel and 100% of it's political representatives should come to an end. Israel should be disallowed to allways blamish others (irak , iran, lebanon, syria) for the violence it perpetrates and causes.

in fact palestines should have a right to vote, and a right to have any kind of job,
in israel. (Native) americans have a right to work, inuit do, and so do palestines.

So that is the first big questionmark, will bringing peace to the middle east bring down the israeli apartheid system.

And if not, will it at least make a start with it, and will the international community at least stop defending the practises of a racist (and neighing to fascist)
israeli system?

These points are essential, as israel will claim the unright to eliminate palestines, bulldozer their homes, fly drones and f16 over the kids at bedtime, because they allways did.

It follows the palestines should have a right to be free from israeli interference and violations.

The following point is starting to speak in true terms. When the deathtoll is a 100 to 1, democrats, human rights adherents, must have the courage to file complaints.

It is the awfullests of precedents israel is setting all the time. If the UN allows this degradation of agreements and human rights, they loose all right to speak in any other situation, (simple example, north korea knows no apartheid, iran targets no iraqi's).

When the situation for west bank is solved and for gaza is safe, and israel stops being a racist state, a lot seems possible, even locking up the palestines in those two small areas, without a real perspective of future or return of the refugees.
(some would return but they would just not fit in the available space).

That is westbank need to become an unbroken territory. As such it is not possible to recognise the state of israel, since it does not stick to UN decisions itself, it would be a onesided surrender.

israel would like it, but it would have no real legitimacy for the palestines (or me and other ethic people in the world), just like much remains to be wondered when a apartheid state is positively judged by the oslo agreement, but not held to un resolutions.

When israel does have the freedom to neglect the decissions of the international community, certainly palestines have the right to resist israel.

Like the wallons have the right to resist the flamish, palestines must have the right and possiblities to resist israel.

So what can the palestines deal in return??

nothing, they have nothing, they have only been raped of their soil and options, concentrated in small areas of land, and traumatised by perpetual atatcks and infringements, not to mention huge campaigns of military terror.

They only have a dream. Live a human live, live in peace with their neighbours,(syria, egypt, jordan), (dis)solve the israeli problem. And be free of agressions.

what can they offer??
that the rockets stop? at the start of this last massacre every media stressed how
the palestines were cowards, according to israeli outlets, that got repeated by international political prominents.

the argument swayed, ofcourse fighting F16s and tanks with handguns is the opposite of cowardice.

however it helps to realise israel had been shouting that a long time, and suddenly shuts up when someone (me) shows how lousy that argument is.

I think i have handed quite a few viewpoints that are essential in bringing peace for the palestines. The israeli in my opinion don't really want peace, they only want the excuse to do what they like, and achieve compromise by lies.
(the list of excuses they would have to offer exceeds my endurance in summing up and finding out and also be to long this article)

The freedom of the palestines is really only a matter of the restriction of israeli agression. And that should be the starting point for negotiations,

such negotiations should leave openings to the palestines as they have been the victim for 60 years, (3 million dead related to the nakba, more by now)

One such opening would be the availability of water resources, before i acted,(but others pointed me at it) , that availability in gaza was zero. It is now 20-30% wich is to little. The gaz field before gaza should be theirs, they should be compensated for israel destroying their fishery and trade, and israel should be stripped of any permission to still destroy palestines lives, by fly by's, attacks, and what not all.

As the situation is now, one cannot expect the palestines to stop violence, they got nothing, have been cheated and lied to by israel and the international community for decades, and the next israeli transgression more deadly and often more bloody then any palestine action is something we are only waiting for.

I hope these figureheads in the international community will understand such are not negotiations, and where principle points can be made against palestines , many more can be made against israel.

The principle of justice requires that the international community aims for equality and mutuality, otherways not only they have no right to speak (defending apartheid is contrary to justice) they will be complicit in the ongoing slaughter of palestines
and the destruction of their future.

Okay, i know the 'international community' is a biased one, this is a turning point in history, and we will soon know, wether it turns for the good, or more of the same, prejudice, bias, apartheid, discrimination, arbitrary violence, eliminations,
it is not up to me.

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