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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mixed feelings

embarrased over tamil nadu, what do i expect for gaza. well simply i don't want to expect for gaza rili at the moment, i would like to think of obama and even hillary clinton, i didn't dare to read what she said, knowing she has been insanely biased over israel before:(

yet i think it can be a much better priority manoevre then starting a rant at north korea, that hardly appears worse then israel even if the worse storys are all so true, and appears more of a military priority directed at china.

I do please want to agree with hillary that a better political climate in nations like north korea, myanmar, egypt and saudi arabia belongs to the possibillity's in the next 4 years, however it should be based on realism, in this case the appeal , whatever it may be, could for instance be taken directly to china. It seems to me by far the better way to geopolitically cope with these reality's.

The actual attempt to claim "korean unity" as a southern based pro usa nation is doomed to remain a provocation. Not only in the north although the opportunity's for opportunism in the south are more plentyfull. There is also the matter that asia wants to be asian, that a choice for china is then the more natural.

Not in the last place south korea is identifiable as an obvious base of US, the predictable further encrouch on china that would follow is just not, "how this world should be".

I think it would be better to think in terms of disbanding the whole US militairy networks across the globe, and replacing (US) militairy concepts with concepts of international (militairy) cooperation.

Neway if she is a human and sees what fascism is the only way to breed a good soldier, she should know it can't be a good thing to support militarism.

So about gaza, what about rafah? there is a lot of damage, more then i even expected the israeli's would do their next invasion, not completely clear is how devastating it was.

one inconsistency here, israel claims to target militants, but openly propagates the extensive destruction of civilian property. So if they belief that eliminating their political opponents "cures" the palestineans of resistance...? why in fact do they still have to bomb these buildings?

on another notion, there is the utterly proportional idea. hit behind the israeli human shield, not like them, not as indiscriminate, and instead of aiming for the whole knesseth just targetedly eliminate 1 or 2 of the worst, you may not belief it, but i think it would have a much better effect then you first expect.

we have seen 2 political assasinations in netherlands, wich both concerned very vocal and populist xenofobiacs. To explain shortly how succesfull that actually was:

they need at least 2 fake party's and 2 parliamental nazi clowns now,(they also staged "new-old" fundamental christianism ) to have the same effect of xenofobiac brainwash still, on the people.

These have less of an effect, instead of the projected racial hate, the last years dutch people have actually come closer, not always easy, and sometimes slow, but there is steady progress outside the political theatre.

so actually, basically, what a mess we are in.

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