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Friday, January 16, 2009

He said: "Obama" and the world changed.

Slowly the world is kind of melting, like a new creation, primordial stuff, glowing embers and all, the good thing with politics is you could melt down a planet with no perceivable harm. The bad thing is you don't have to melt down a planet to harm it.

However it can't be helped, the new system just melts the old, my heart get's soft, and i think the whole world will melt. slowly, gently, likely something new will come out of the huge resulting blob of bubblegum like reality.

I like pink bubbegum best. i hope that phase is not to sticky, what will we do with our new rubber reality?
perhaps to remain it flexible, elastically.

what if it rains 365 days? we will make us a huge lake. Thats flexible, the sea floods texas? we'll catch her, well, that s actually destructive.

not a good plan.

in that i am not flexible, i hope people will be like that:" oh wow!"
thats not a good plan
we won't do it.

I think it's the good thing about bad plans, they stand out so much for what they really are. The bad thing is people aren't very used to look out well for them.
That's because we want to be difficult, complicated and fascinating, but our political dimension is really quite lineair.

Like the ancient analogy good-bad, it's materially on the line social-capitalist.

It's a simplification, but a very true one, the choices that may lead to a humane ideal, a human future will be politically social choices, plainly and dumbly put,
the other side of the analogy is also true.

You can perceive the opposite political spectre as ill intended, ill willing, because it is a matter of the social consequences one accepts.

The reason not to go for the good-bad concept is because it is antiquated.

there is moral behaviour, wich should be consistent with human rights, and there is
submoral behaviour , bias, wich is not necessary same as traditional 'bad'.

to me it is obvious the same applies to the lineair political spectrum in every way.
You can say one side is bad, the capitalist one, or you can say it is old fashioned and traditional, and u can also make the point it is inconsistent with human rights.

Unfortunately , because people badly realise this, it is so.

Fortunately, maybe, is that the concept is easy to grasp this way. Changing it for the better means that we , the people, need to have the power, politically this means a future needs a leftwing politics. Because that is , humane, true, and if you want for such traditionally, good.

That's quite simple, so that is good.

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