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Monday, January 12, 2009

european (mal)conduct in the gaz negotiations

cold war indoctrination first facilitated the 21st century crusade wars, recent events confirm that nearly anyone over say 45 is still tainted by it in the contacts with russia.

Europe misbehaved shamelessly, at least 4 times they tried to erase parts of the negotiations from the public memory after negotiating them.

around my last post to the subj. some attitudes changed, basically because i explained some about russian folklore, culture. The russians will have appreciated the change in aproach, but after the machinations with the press, any appendix or additional preservations now suggests the blame should not be put firstly with russia.
(it has been pretty obvious more often, i feel like i don't need to remember, to some extend such affairs are nauseating, get you sick.)

That our , the eu, government chooses such aproach shows their current insincerity towards the russians. I have told them a few of the great miracles putin worked eg.
but long it was maintained in the forementioned (our) media, he was not an asset to russia. a sheer dictator even.(1)

Ofcourse the cooperation in signing a clean accord is appreciated, but when someone (the EU)shows doubtfull trustworthyness all the time, it's dangerous to expect they are suddenly good people that would speak the truth.

So as a peace proponent i have to warn you that there is both a huge resource of undistrubed brainwash at work in high EU circles, and wich is unfortunately more probable, certain circles in nato block elements and these indications are quite many to me, have still been planning and constructing a war towards russia , not in the least because they have the brainwashed masses for ir still quitte available
(an asset).

The israeli-gaza situation carry's many paralels

:/ i was considering gaz, israel before realising anything for labels :o . that ofcourse i needn't as the joke is here.

anyhow, gaz(a), israeli would also be uncomforting. (this blog is about censorship ya know)

the israeli gaza situation carry's many paralels.

we see one party that lies a lot and has repeatedly managed to be untrustworthy,
opposite to that we see someone under agression, defending only their rights,
the russian gaz heats our houses, and i suspect the palestinean fuel warms the israeli.

Allthough russia needn't fear as much as gaza in the short term, in the longer term both their prospects are still worrysome. (think the socalled rocket shield - iran(?!) relation and the many offensive uses of (modern) radar.

Gaza knows israel to be a greedy negotiator, and one that wants all rights allowing no in return, the credibility of any solution or "peace" is very small, based on belignerent blackmail as it is.

Russia knows it is pathological in the european policys to try and exploit her, and steer towards agressiveness. It's not said that premeditated and subconscious agressivity allways leads to the worst possible conclusions, but watching the gaza example you can see it will not solve a problem quick or good, actually be the pretext for even more agression.

Be sure russia would like to steer away from that, can't EU start serious about uniting with russia? it seems better sooner then later. The deals are obvious for me.

btw. did you hear that enthropy is not lineair?

(1)(Putin outstanding statesman) In fact if you want to stress the slight totalitarian aspect of his career you might want to think positive of him as an enlightened despote, perhaps history will yet show that of all these he has been the most humane. it would not surprise me.

But even why: because the credibility of the russian elections has been very high, and mostly became more critical due international lies about that. (putin1 elections)

I consider it positive that his rules are not a "reign". It's not i want him to immediatly be the 'worldpresident' though i proposed exactly him for the job.

And i don't know a better. Perhaps Hu, he's up to date as well he's been doing mostly only good to china and the world in a hectic and challenging time. yet he applies more direct forms of censury wich is a bit primitive. it could also be a bit fairer?.. It just depends how much repression comes with it and if the system is open for progressive entry.
Anyhow i have a high opinion of chinas policy's with him in the job. You know.. i have enjoyed his 'company', and i think he could be good for you also. bit scary with the cultural gaps, small things could get incommunicatable. Perhaps he would cope easily.

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