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Sunday, January 4, 2009


K the czech played a bad card. My trust in them is lost, whats teh use of this ME tour when u say the most ridiculous thing in advance.

I remember sth odd now about us- czech ties, and i wonder wether the ordre to reveal this nonsense stemmed from washington, tel aviv or brussel.

Yet being teh loyal frak i am and try to pay atetntion, but tehir wording is mind bogging.
If israel is one thing it is aggressive, it has allways been on the offense against palestineans. Sarkozy i miss you.

we are not going to solve this situation by denying the israeli part of the blame.
Not in the long run, because partiality has in teh long run never offered a solution but only invited violence riots and war before the evil was finally rooted out again.

Bad news about the czech thus.
Maybe it are the british tho, i would guess they are also fast in recognising my blogs value.(using it against its well intents in many cases.)

It's to much what israel wants to hear, or bush, i am not impressed. You still have to go on that tour and you come with an old clichee, that can't even be true?

okay enuf about that, sorry my loyalty now finally is overcome, the propaganda to shrill not to witness.

Fine thats settled then.
Next.. gazprom and the ukraine. Now this is funny, there appears to eb a dispute belarus should not applu to nato liek it does, and so does ukraine...

tthe ridiculous thing is just some 5 years ago i was teh only person in the world to be against an invasion of belarus, they were making a start massing teh armys on its borders, i think not the way to say thank you, to join the superblock of militairy agression in response.

That besides that russia needs to feel attacked appears to suggest belarus really makes a chance, (it makes a more territorial sense then doing so with georgia at least concerning nato is partly an european tool)

Thats so wicked over some one that was blindly demonised 5 years ago.
I refrain from comment(actually comment on lukashenko. whats his name again?

Its the second indication in as many days the nato is out for the russian resources still.

the third in for if you count my wondering the first of januar about the christmashat militairy.

Jay i really think i have been thinking a bit more profetically by now about the year to come. I think perhaps one thing of the "i don't want to know kind " will happen. Because i am sure there is nothing i know will happen, and that is quite impossible, rationally i am sure things will happen.

well these things to, happen every year, the sichuan earthquake or sth. So mayb its just paranoia, but i wouldnt be surprised, because once before sth like that happened out of the blue exactly because i concluded nothing would happen.
I would think a flood becus the picture is off a (blue?) sky over a flat gray landscape. sth desolate of ppl or anything. Like myanmar essentially looked when it had flooded.
well its only sth like an association with a picture, and i personally doubt very much it would happen, But for me it's strange i have no idea that sth will happen this year.

I fear i feel "that will not happen".
Certainly within the human linguistic (its how *i* do it) context denial has an
effect that can negate forthcoming disaster.

otoh last year i thought of floods as a climate thing not really the disaster kind, so maybe i am scared,
look i also don't think teh warming of teh planet has stopped,
yet i am quite sure teh coming year will again not be the hottest.
Also ofcourse the northpole would melt just for the offset of a trend of every year being the newest hottest.
even if it would essentially cool, instead of bend from its catastrophe curve.
(possibly temporarily indeed.) ya know.. cooling is nina heating nino?
then the cooling teh atmospjhere through dust would set up nina's, don't be so stupid.

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