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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gaza 2

I hate it to give in to the israeli intent to be the "centerpiece of humanrights (degradation)" I warn all the world to take care, things are not what they seem.

I hate it that my cherished human rights and dignity are grossly devaluated by a racist political entity. Seeing the nato run behind it doesn't help, apparently the powers that be intend to degrade our rights and dignity in united cooperation, ever more.

The israeli will get a solution as if they had won the argument. But in the minds of the people of the world, they haven't. Yet all teh world will suffer the higher level of government terror that is teh real intentions behind this israelian strategy.

Thats also what makes it so hard to see the whole concept of israel as a different thing then this mondial complot to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, israel plays into the hands of that situation every day.

Governments will bombard crowds, and asssinate the leaders of the reaction, and we will have to thank israel for it. Everyone will be registered and controlled, and if as much as a usefull item is found, you will be a terrorist. free for all. thanking the heavens u weren't in pakistan, where u'd be bountyhunted.

After cheating teh world out of any kind of reason (it is about the proportionality of violence) is teh prime target of teh israeli policy, they would have their hands free to do anything on the palestineans, and aptly ready to say "but you do it yourself".because they trained that over the past decades.

The only option is we dont give in to this blackmail, this purposed inflation of human rights and political freedoms.
yet our governments are all hands on a same belly.

Our chances are slim, minimal.

terror and mass murder are the tools of the opressor, and we have nothing to counter left, every of our chats is registered, every phone tapped, every location satelite handed, we are just tiny blots on a big screen, Collateral blots. falling victim to arbitrary violence.

Sure tomorrow rice will anounce the israeli agression in a reaction, and probably again defend it's proportions. But it's not. Politicians get a job out of lying, so rice wont be bothered. We ourselves have to be bothered.

and if ur bothered, ur a terrorist, likened to the great examples of this policy, goebbels e.a. in discussions where a zionist fraction repeats her clichee's ad nauseum.

In teh hope that people forget paying attention to what is real, to what really happens, and happened in the past.

Most of hamas rockets have been fired in the past, just like most of the complaints are rooted in the past.

Really as long as the international community accepts israel to have its own warshaw ghetto, the palestineans will suffer, year in, year out, year in, year out.

And we all will.

Now turn it around, .. if our governments get away with israel oppressing another people, they will feel safer to do teh same to us.

All the world will suffer for the fate of the palestineans. except teh utterly rich.
Most of us won't notice ofcourse, many people never bother about human rights, peace, stuff like that. Like animals on a farm, usefull, but voiceless.

The result of this is that i got a hatred against israel, i hope they will have to count the victims too, i rejoice when reuters says, 75 nazi tanks (israeli soldiers) killed, (by naked bleeding weeping children, all that is left of the legitimate representation of teh palestineans).

AT least that is my picture of the affair, a brave and desperate remain of a populace that saw its leaders eliminated, still fighting back with that the ghetto has to offer,
altho i know ,except the ones targetted, even the palestineans are not in a hurry to fight, why would they, they are completely disempowered, purposedly kept dependend of israeli signs of "goodwill" (read food water medicines). Israel keeps it taht way.

They bought egypt , to close one border, they siphon the aids funds, and meanwhile they tell deceitfull pittyfull story's about their intentions.

To stop the rockets fire? no, to have their hands as free as possible, to put more repression in any way they like.

Thats why this is so hopeless, every result of a talks will only mean: more humiliation for the palestineans, and as a side effect , tougher repression for the rest of the world.

I hope gaza wins this war against big brother,
a ridiculous hope, the highest strategical win would be israel drawing back, wich it will shortly do, because the offensive is starting to cost them, both lives and goodwill.

it will be concerted with usian attempts to "negotiate" actually attempts to star.
attempts to turn rights into wrongs.

All premeditated; israel cannot afford a second armed occupation of gaza.
They have the money and the manpower, the bulletproof vests, teh infraredcameras, to kill indiscriminately without any chance on repercussions, but tehy wont endure the 100s, 1000s even, casualties this would bring them.

So tehre will be some huge blackmail .centering around the hamas is bad theme.
and israel will gladly draw back after her succesfull campaign of terror.

probably some nobel peaceprice will go to blair, sarkozy and definetly one to liar typo lviv. After getting even more of the international community in their ploy to disarm the hopeless, they will continue to eliminate political oponents, just calling them rocketfiring hamas terrorists or something.

This whole thing is to get the world as sick they deny the oppressed (ouselves) the right for resistance. Don't buy it people, it will be the end of the free world,
it will destroy the fabric of every society and turn us into a big meat factory.

(quite literally with organ trade killing the youth and prolonging the crippled lives of the old and rich (jews).)

Whatever happens we have to take care these zionist values of torture and murder will not become part of our own as a world community, they should be allowed to live out their sadism only on other "jews", and everybody will be quite happy in the ME.

on the funny side new israeli research proved the real descendants of the jews from palestine are ...... guess what?
the palestineans. Go chosen people! i admire your courage, my days are filled with sadness, i hope the hammer of that ancient gods will burn ur enemies to ashes.

I love this world and humans, i hate every one that tries to turn it into a fascist system. or wants lie to prevail over truth and moderation.

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onix said...

in this context i was thinking of precicting the yet to come childsolier propaganda of the israelis, at some point when the adults are bled, young boys will fight, it always happens in this kind of situations, a militairy against an nearly unarmed people.
At that point israel will pose hamas ordres children to fight.
They really did it theirselves.

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